Hosting: Backing up your MediaTemple using rsync and a linux box

Follow these steps to setup a decent backup solution for your MT hosting (you can adapt this to any other hosting that offers SSH and RSYNC access). First you'll want your linux box to be able to SSH into your hosting without a password using a SSH key instead. Then,… Continue reading

Setting up Slackware 13 (64-bit) (part 3)

Make your server trust your laptop+user: #su – “your username here” $ssh-keygen -t rsa $scp ~/.ssh/ “remote_username”@”host_name”:”target_filepath_for_key_on_the_server” Now ssh into your server: $ssh “remote_user”@”host_name” $cd ~/.ssh Insert your laptop’s public key in the authorized keys list: $cat “target_filepath_for_key_on_the_server” >> authorized_keys Try ssh-ing your server again (this time you should not… Continue reading