Setting up kernel 2.6.33 on Slackware 13 on my Asus G1S

Download DVD iso Burn to media Install it Install Slack Build Gnome Download and install new kernel: cd /usr/src wget rm linux tar -xvjf linux-2.6.33.tar.bz2 ln -s linux-2.6.33 linux cd linux make mrproper make menuconfig Append “-asus” to Local version Change Processor family to “Core 2/newer Xeon” Enable “Realtek… Continue reading

Making your server trust your laptop

How to use private/public keys to have your server trust your laptop, so you don’t need to type your password over the wire Continue reading

Some thoughts on installing Aptana 1.5.1

Last weekend I re-installed all my operating systems and had a lot of trouble installing/updating Aptana Studio on Windows and OSX, I am taking some notes just in case more people face the same situation: 1. Install Aptana 1.5.1 2. Choose your workspace 3. Add 2 new software locations: Aptana… Continue reading