Kohana: Buffering output on view and rendering it before in the source code

Sometimes you need to hack the order the source code is going to be rendered in a view: – You want an extra piece of CSS that only aplies to that view, so you think it's not worth creating a single CSS file and including in your mashed file –… Continue reading

mysql: Dumping single database table and restoring

Sometimes you need to dump a single table from a mysql table and restore it somewhere else. Here's what you need:   1. Dump the table (compress it so it will take shorter to transfer over the network)   mysqldump -h <HOST> -u <USERNAME> -p <DATABASE> <TABLE> | gzip >… Continue reading

Linux: Some maintenance

Your linux distribution may run some maintenance jobs or checks daily and you may get things like the following in your email:   '<USERNAME>' is a member of the 'httpd' group in /etc/group but not in /etc/gshadow The grpconv command creates gshadow from group and an optionally existing gshadow. execute:… Continue reading