[music] The Free – lover on the line (Extended Mix) [1994]

Hello, hello, talk to me you're my lover on the line   Lover on the line. You won't see me but you're blind Try to touch me, touch me with your mind Love me on the line For this unit you are mine I'm your lover, lover on the line… Continue reading

Bootstrap: prevent jump to content when clicking tabs

Recently I had to add tabs to a website and ran into not wanting the browser to jump to the panel content when tabs are clicked. I just want the content to switch. After a little research, I found posts explaining how to obtain the opposite, and a little later… Continue reading

ArchLinux: Running jenkins as another user

To minimize maintenance I wanted to run Jenkins as a different user that I already use for other services, as to avoid permission control hell and ssh-config hell as well. So here's what I did:   Let's say the user you want is called "johndoe" and it has an userid=2000… Continue reading

Firefox: Bring the http back to URL bar

I don't like the fact that Firefox hides the "http://" from the URL bar and when I copy and paste the URL, it adds that back; thus stressing my copy-and-pasted skills up. To go back to the previous behavior of showing the protocol, visit: about:config   on your Firefox and… Continue reading

WordPress: Allowing contributors to upload media

  This is the simplest way I found to allow for contributors to upload media on your WordPress blog:   Add this to the functions.php file in your current theme:       if ( current_user_can('contributor') && !current_user_can('upload_files') ) add_action('admin_init', 'allow_contributor_uploads');   function allow_contributor_uploads() { $contributor = get_role('contributor'); $contributor->add_cap('upload_files'); }… Continue reading

(gs): Installing BugZilla into a subdomain

Download a BugZIlla tarball Extract it to a public accessible web folder     Install all needed modules: /usr/bin/perl install-module.pl –all (lots of output)   Make the folder writable by the apache server chmod a+w . ./checksetup.pl   Change it's settings nano ./localconfig —————-   $webservergroup = ''; $db_driver = 'mysql';… Continue reading

Git: Prepare a repository for your project

  Follow these steps to manage your project using GIT:   1. create an empty folder:   $ mkdir menospior.com && cd menospior.com       2. Create an empty repository:   $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /home/httpd/domains/menospior.com/.git/   3. Create a standard .gitignore file:   $… Continue reading

ArchLinuxARM: Install PECL_HTTP

First install autoconf, php pear and curl pacman -Syu autoconf php-pear curl   Then install pecl_http and iconv pear install pecl.php.net/pecl_iconv pear install pecl.php.net/pecl_http, iconv   Edit your php.ini nano /etc/php/php.ini   Add  extension=http.so   Restart apache rc.d restart httpd  

ArchLinux: imagick

Install Imagick # pacman -S imagemagick libpng librsvg libwmf ghostscript libxml2 jasper openexr   #sudo pear install pecl.php.net/imagick