Google Talk freezes when selecting “Show Current Music Track” and Winamp 5 is running

I have been a fan on Winamp since version 1.0 and I like Google talk too. Sometimes I want to show people what music is playing on my box and wish that Google Talk would not freeze when I do it. That’s not the case by default unfortunately. So here’s… Continue reading

Great way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3

Just found this post: by Flynsarmy showing the simplest way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3 Create the following files/folders: /modules/swiftmailer /modules/swiftmailer/init.php /modules/swiftmailer/classes Inside /modules/swiftmailer/classes/ drop the official latest build of Swift Mailer. Enter the following into init.php. <?php require Kohana::find_file(‘classes’, ‘Swift-4.0.6/lib/swift_required’); There. Wasn’t that easy? Remember to enable… Continue reading