(gs): Installing BugZilla into a subdomain

Download a BugZIlla tarball Extract it to a public accessible web folder     Install all needed modules: /usr/bin/perl install-module.pl –all (lots of output)   Make the folder writable by the apache server chmod a+w . ./checksetup.pl   Change it's settings nano ./localconfig —————-   $webservergroup = ''; $db_driver = 'mysql';… Continue reading

Bash: getting duplicate lines on both files

Today I needed to find duplicates files from: – list of URLs accessed – list of category URLs I needed to refresh data for   here's my code snippet: (This assumes LOG.txt is the file with URLs logged and CATEGORIES.txt is the list of all URLs that would pottentially need… Continue reading

Git: Prepare a repository for your project

  Follow these steps to manage your project using GIT:   1. create an empty folder:   $ mkdir menospior.com && cd menospior.com       2. Create an empty repository:   $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /home/httpd/domains/menospior.com/.git/   3. Create a standard .gitignore file:   $… Continue reading