Setup nVidia drivers on Slackware 13

Download lastest driver version (190.53 as of this writing): wget run it: sh Accept the license, otherwise you can’t install the driver 🙂

Setting up Slackware 13 (64-bit) (part 1)

Download new kernel from # cd /usr/src #tar -xvjf <kernel_file_name>.tar.bz2 #rm linux #ln -s <new_kernel_folder> linux #cd linux #make mrproper #make menuconfig (have fun 🙂 ) #make #make install #reboot && cross your fingers Install Slapt-Get # wget #installpkg slapt-get-0.10.2d-x86_64-1.tgz #nano /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc #slapt-get –update #slapt-get –upgrade

Now hosted at LiNode

I have finished moving my websites to LiNode (actually last Sunday, not today… ) I got the smallest plan but it performs better than MediaTemple’s (gs) service. Here’s a snapshot of my linode status (btw, I blurred my linode number just in case) : If want to use LiNode for… Continue reading

Some thoughts on installing Aptana 1.5.1

Last weekend I re-installed all my operating systems and had a lot of trouble installing/updating Aptana Studio on Windows and OSX, I am taking some notes just in case more people face the same situation: 1. Install Aptana 1.5.1 2. Choose your workspace 3. Add 2 new software locations: Aptana… Continue reading