Some thoughts on installing Aptana 1.5.1

Last weekend I re-installed all my operating systems and had a lot of trouble installing/updating Aptana Studio on Windows and OSX, I am taking some notes just in case more people face the same situation:

1. Install Aptana 1.5.1

2. Choose your workspace

3. Add 2 new software locations:

  • Aptana Update Site:
  • Galileo Update Site:

Test the connection for both locations

4.Install the following packages ( I do PHP development, so…. )

  • PHP Development Tools (PDT) – PDT SDK 2.1.2
  • PHP Debugger Binaries (Optional PDT)
  • Zend CE Features
  • Subversive – SVN Team Provider Plugin (Incubation)

5.Restart Aptana and you should have it updated correctly

6. Install SVN connector

  • SNV Kit 1.3.2 – so I have the same interface in all

7. Restart Aptana again

8.Update your Aptana installtion

  • Aptana Database Explorer
  • Aptana Studio
  • Aptana Studio Professional
  • Aptana Subversion Support
  • Graphical Editing Framework GEF
  • PHP Development Tools (PDT) Runtime Feature
  • PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature 2.1.3
  • PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature 2.1.1

8. You’re done

Happy coding!

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