/bin/bash: Remove Dreamweaver synchronization “stuff” from your hosting

As an online note, I’m writing this post to remind myself and help others that still suffer using Dreamweaver on a daily basis and at some point end up having a bunch of unwanted folders and files that Dreamweaver keeps for synchronization information. To remove all that from a Linux… Continue reading

Criando sua conta no Registro.br

Para criar uma conta no Registro.br (possibilitando assim que você seja o(a) dono(a) de seus próprios domínios, siga o passo-a-passo abaixo: 1 – Abra seu navegador internet e acesse http://registro.br     Isso mesmo, não tem o “.com”  🙂 2 – Clique em “Registro” no menu superior 3 – Clique em “Não… Continue reading

Making your server trust your laptop

How to use private/public keys to have your server trust your laptop, so you don’t need to type your password over the wire Continue reading

(gs)MT- REQUEST ID #680057 / STATUS: Pending Resolution

James S. Thank you for the phone call. Here is a brief summary of our conversation: You called because you were unable to access phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin from your AccountCenter and could not connect to the databases through a SSH client. While looking into this issue I found that the… Continue reading

(gs)MT- REQUEST ID #657283 / STATUS: Resolved

Mauricio Hello, would it be possible to get pg_dump to be the same version as the server so I don’t get messages like: “pg_dump: server version: 7.4.23; pg_dump version: 7.4.7” I’m aware that I can use “–ignore-version”…. but still… @ 2009.09.17 10:08 PM Michael H. I was informed that the dumps… Continue reading

(gs)MT- REQUEST ID #551946 / STATUS: Resolved

Maurício: I have been receiving “Cannot allocate memory” errors when trying to connect to a postgresql database I believe I’m not doing anything weird on my end, and since it’s a website I just started developing I’m probably the only one opening the page. Can you guys look at what the… Continue reading

Some sites moved to eBoundHost

I have moved part of my websites to my new hosting eBoundHost. So far no big problem, just some weird thing about not being able to authenticate using phpPgAdmin to connect to my own server… but I can use the command line for now 🙂