MediaTemple: my new opinion about the (gs) GridServer

After having lots of headaches with GISOL webhosting back in 2007, I finally stumbled upon Media Temple’s (gs) Grid Server hosting.

They make it sound really great, and it was at the beginning.

But so far these are the problems I ran into with them:

  • Storage problems when my account was on Cluster 02.
  • Account deletion after I manually moved everything from Cluster 02 to another account on Cluster 03
  • Account shortly disabled after I had recovered most of my files on a new account on Cluster 03 after the first was deleted.
  • Storage problems on the Cluster 03 (as annoying as they were on Cluster 02)
  • Postgresql “Cannot allocate memory” errors while running small-databases-low-traffic sites with PostgreSQL databases (hours on the phone trying to get some useful help)

I’ll detail each of those later, since it’s pretty late right now

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