I’m moving to eBoundHost

That’s it….  I’ve had it with MediaTemple (gs) Grid Server.

Last night after 4 hours on the phone with little progress I decided to go back to eBoundHost, (I’ve tried them for a month in the past).

I’ve been struggling with MediaTemple about memory issues with their PostgreSQL installation and the just keep asking me to spend more for a (dv)Dedicated Virtual and saying that they won’t spend time debugging my server. Well, as I told them, it seems like a flaw on their product, since it’s not a environment I could ever exhaust the resources (PostgreSQL from time to time will say: Cannot Allocate Memory) since I have very few (and at this time *unknown*) websites using PostgreSQL.

Seems like I have a lot to do over the weekend …

As I have time I’ll post more details on that so it doesn’t seem like I’m just a angry customer without reason, or employee from a competitor.

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