Firefox: Some tips to improve your experience

Put the protocol back in the URL bar: 1. Enter the config by visition   about:config 2. Enter "browser.urlbar.trimURLs" and change the value to "false"    

Linux:: SSH configuration file

To save some typing you can create aliases to the servers you frequently access via ssh. This can be accomplished by either editing the global file ( /etc/ssh/ssh_config ), if you’re root and and to make changes for all the users, or your own config file ( $HOME/.ssh/config ). Follow… Continue reading

Linux:: settings shortcuts for your ssh connections to hosts

If you wish you could use friendly names to access your servers, here’s how to do it: Edit your ~/.ssh/config and add the following: Host myserver HostName Port 12345 User bob Host other_server HostName User alice CheckHostIP no Cipher blowfish Please, remember to customize “HostName” and “User” values… Continue reading