(vps): Noexec and /tmp troubleshooting

Chrooted /tmp directory

There is also a new method that ensures that no processes currently accessing /tmp are interrupted in any way. This also ensures that your /tmp that allows execution is never accessible to currently running processes. This limits your exposure to possible exploits.

First, create a chrooted environment that contains a tmp directory that allows file execution:

root@vps01:~# mkdir -p /root/chroot /root/tmp
root@vps01:~# mount --bind / /root/chroot
root@vps01:~# mount --bind /root/tmp /root/chroot/tmp

Next chroot into the environment you created.

root@vps01:~# chroot /root/chroot

At this point, you are in the chrooted environment and can run any commands you need to. When you are done, simply type the command ‘exit’.

root@vps01:/# exit

Now you are back to your normal environment.


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