Trying my GSA-T20L optical drive with MCE usb 2.0 enclosure for the superdrive

After purchasing and using the MCE optibay on my white macbook 13″, I got really curious as it that would work for any regular laptop PC….

Having not asked any of the manufacturers involved, I put my brain to work and wouldn’t make any sense for Apple to create a totally different connector for its Super Drive (as it would shrink its market and make it worse/harder for consumers to get replacement parts); and would make even less sense for MCE to develop something that would not follow any standard.

People can always say that mixing parts of different manufactures is dangerous (that seems to be some Apple certified technician’s minds by the way); and there will be those asking why I would take a chance of frying stuff when Asus and other laptop PC manufacturers have models with raid support.

Well, I happen to be curious and I don’t have money to get one of those, so….

Again I don’t have a lot of spare money… so for now I just tried hooking up the optical drive from my Asus G1s to the MCE usb 2.0 enclosure that came together when I bought my MCE Optibay. So far my experiment works….

As soon as I finish transferring all my files to an external HD I will post more pictures and an update to this post. Stay tuned.

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