Little extra money opportunity

Like everyone else out there, I’m always looking for some new ways to make an extra money (or more money, for that matter).

I’ve been using ClixSense on my spare internet time (read multitasking).

All you have to do is log in to the site, click Browse Ad $$ on the side menu and click on the ads (You have to keep each ad open for 30 seconds to get credited)

It’s not a fast way to get millionaire, but I did receive a $10 check 2 years ago, got to another $10 on my account which I used to buy a Premium membership (Which allowed me to view approximately 500 ads which really helped get the investment back.

You pay nothing to sign up as a free member, and can work your way to $10,00 relatively quick. Then my advice would be get a Premium membership, which will allow you to view/click more ads for a whole year.

I already reached the minimum payment amount again, just missed the payment date which is the 10th if I remember right.

Well, again, if you have some spare time and want to make some extra income, follow this link:

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