Great way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3

Just found this post:

by Flynsarmy

showing the simplest way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3

Create the following files/folders:

Inside /modules/swiftmailer/classes/ drop the official latest build of Swift Mailer.

Enter the following into init.php.

require Kohana::find_file('classes', 'Swift-4.0.6/lib/swift_required');

There. Wasn’t that easy? Remember to enable the module by adding it to your bootstrap.php file!

Great way to parse HTML content using PHP

Today I started improving a newsletter system in the company I work for. One of the things I wanted to change is to have images embedded in the email message.

The website uses CodeIgniter (; for email handling I chose Swift mailer ( Then for HTML parsing to replace all the relative image paths and encode/embedded the images in the message I found this parser: SimpleHTMLDOM (

Really simple to use and now I’m working on the rest of the stuff… managing templates for newsletter, handling subscription etc etc.

I’m going to add some sample code later. Drop me a line if I take too long.

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