Google Talk freezes when selecting "Show Current Music Track" and Winamp 5 is running

I have been a fan on Winamp since version 1.0 and I like Google talk too.

Sometimes I want to show people what music is playing on my box and wish that Google Talk would not freeze when I do it. That’s not the case by default unfortunately.

So here’s what needs to be done:

Step 1: Go to the root folder of your Winamp installation. Usually C:Program FilesWinamp (C:Program Files (x86)Winamp, if you’re on a 64-bit Windows).

Step 2: Select Tools -> Folder Options -> View (tab) and uncheck "Hide Extension for know file types" and confirm hitting Ok

Step 3: Create a new empty file (Right Click -> New -> Text Document).

Step 4: Rename the newly created file to "winamp.m3u" and confirm.

Step 5: Close both Winamp and Google Talk.

From now on when you open both and select "Show Current Music Track", Google Talk will not freeze.

Great way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3

Just found this post:

by Flynsarmy

showing the simplest way to integrate SwiftMailer and Kohana 3

Create the following files/folders:

Inside /modules/swiftmailer/classes/ drop the official latest build of Swift Mailer.

Enter the following into init.php.

require Kohana::find_file('classes', 'Swift-4.0.6/lib/swift_required');

There. Wasn’t that easy? Remember to enable the module by adding it to your bootstrap.php file!

  • IGlr